The next Hellfire Crossroads Anthology (#7) will be comprised of stories by new writers only and will be subtitled ‘Introducing…’

The submissions window will close on 30th June 2019.

What. I want:

Horror & Dark fantasy that is subtle, sophisticated and disturbing.

Slipstream stories that make some kind of sense, no. matter how extreme.

Good characterisation that engages readers, helping them to sympathise, empathise & invest in the dilemmas the characters face & their resolution.

Plots that ensure that readers will want to read to the end of the story; ie: pacey, interesting, relatable (on whatever level), that suspend disbelief through the storytelling art.

As well as innovative work, traditional horror that puts a new and original spin on established styles and genres.

What I don't want:

Badly written and constructed stories. To me, spelling and grammar are important. That doesn’t mean you can’t push the boundaries; but remember that you have to know the rules before you can break them.

Slasherfests that rely on violence and cliché to propel the stories.

Poor, badly constructed characterisation whose only function is to drive the plot towards an unconvincing, or contrived conclusion.

Waffle that bears no relationship to the plot, but only slow down or unnecessarily bulk out the story.

Excessive strong language that does not help to shape characters or events. If it’s necessary & appropriate: no problem.

As part of your research, read anthologies and collections I have published in the past. Go to: for more information. For magazines, ‘Black Static’ is certainly worth reading.

Before submission, consider the work of modern writers that bring something memorable and exceptional to their work, such as:

Joel Lane

Ramsey Campbell

Stephen King (especially for character development)

Ralph Robert Moore

Nina Allan

Gary Couzens

Simon Clark

Allen Ashley

Lynda E Rucker

This is not an exhaustive list.

Consider also the classic horror writers such as M R James and Henry James.

I'm looking for stories of between 1,000 and 8,000 words that have not previously been published and are not currently under consideration.

Please do not send simultaneous submissions. Send one story at a time.

No multiple submissions, please.

Send as Word or RTF attachments or in the body of the e-mail to this e-mail address only:

[email protected]

No postal submissions please.

Include name, address, e-mail address, phone number and number of words at-the top of the manuscript.  In the heading, put: INTRODUCING SUBMISSION + story title.

Include a short introductory message.

The submissions window will close on 30th June 2019, but may be extended if I require more submissions.

I will acknowledge receipt by e-mail and aim to give a decision within four weeks of the submission date, or an update on the progress of your submission.

Please do not query progress until after this, if you have not heard.

Payment for First Anthology Rights and First Electronic Rights only will be £20.00 upon publication, plus a print copy of the anthology.

I will also make an additional payment of £100.00 to the author of the accepted story I consider to be my personal favourite.

I regret that, because of time constraints, I am unable to provide feedback to authors of stories that are not accepted, but reasons for non-acceptance could be as described above, or because stories are similar to ones I've already accepted, or are outside of the word limit, or have not been submitted in accordance with the above guidelines.

Upon acceptance I will require a short biography to include and if possible, a photograph of the author to include in the anthology. Do not send these until I have confirmed acceptance.

Please note that this anthology is open to new fiction writers only. 

The point is to promote talented new authors, not to gain any promotional advantage by publishing known authors.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your submissions.

Trevor Denyer

Editor & Publisher

Midnight Street Press

Revised: May 2019

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