November 2019

The anthology is now available. many thanks to all involved and to the many superb writers from whom I received submissions.

The book is a brilliant collection of stories from around the world: UK, USA, Canada, and Russia. A fantastic result!

Also, some great illustrations, many of which are from Pixabay; a great source of royalty-free work from many people. Long may it exist.

Anyway, that just about wraps this project up. PLEASE go out there and buy it.. You won't be disappointed.

Look out for future opportunities and good luck with all your endeavours. 

Being a writer is not easy, but is so rewarding when you see your work in print.

Thanks to everyone who supported this project and especially to those who buy the anthology. Spread the word. These are talented writers that deserve the exposure.

Best wishes.

Trevor Denyer

Editor and Publisher

Great Late Response!

May 14, 2019

Having advertised this anthology on Authors Publish, I've received a good number of submissions from the UK, USA, Australia, India and Asia.

That's great! However, I'm still looking for more, so have extended the deadline to the end of June 2019 and relaxed on the word count and submission rules.

So if you have a great story, but felt you didn't qualify, look again at the REVISED GUIDELINES.

Activity so far

April 5, 2019

I've received one story that has really appealed to me. I've therefore accepted it straight away. I've currently got seven for further consideration. These embrace themes that are demonic, historic, medical, supernatural and futuristic.

So, send me your best work and you could be the next acceptance!

Please make sure you follow the GUIDELINES, though. 

Now's the Time to Submit

March 24, 2019

I've so far had fewer submissions than I'd expected, so now is a good time to submit your work. I've got more time to fully read the stories, rather than skimming them, which is what happens when I receive a large number.

The other advantage of submitting early is that I am less likely to compare your work to similar submissions that are of an equal standard. As time goes on and I put stories aside for further consideration, the overall 'shape' of the anthology starts to develop. This means that your chances of acceptance are higher because I'm more likely to reject later stories of the same or similar kind.

So, send me your best work as soon as possible!  

Please make sure you follow the GUIDELINES, though. 

Further Consideration

March 21, 2019

Many thanks so far to all those who have submitted work. The standard has been high and I've already moved four stories into the 'Further Consideration' file. So if you've submitted work and haven't yet heard, you're in with a chance.

Send me your stories! I'm eager and waiting! 

Please make sure you follow the GUIDELINES, though. 

Click Here to Add a Title

Also, check out BLACKER AGAINST THE DEEP DARK, the latest collection of superb fiction from Alexander Zelenyj. I've written the Introduction and this book will certainly give you more idea of the kind of work I enjoy reading.

More details are at Eibonvale Press, the publisher. 

Some of my favourite books by my favourite authors

March 17, 2019


These are definitely worth reading. If you can produce stories like these, you're in with an excellent chance!




GHOSTERS, BEHIND YOU - Ralph Robert Moore 

In fact, read EVERYTHING by these authors...

Worked out how to upload video!

March 16, 2019

I now know how to upload a video to this site. It seems I have to put it on YouTube first! Another learning curve. Anyway, take a look at it (above).

I've noticed lots of 'hits' on the GUIDELINES page. Hopefully that means you are all in the process of creation. I'm looking forward to reading the results.


An ongoing series of informational entries

The Search Begins

March 15, 2019

Hello there. Welcome to Midnight Street Press and this blog, where I intend to keep you updated on the development of HELLFIRE CROSSROADS #7 - INTRODUCING.

I'm looking for stories by new writers this time, and look forward to receiving your submissions and helping to promote new and exceptional writers whose talent deserves to be showcased. 

So send me your best work. Be sure to read and follow the GUIDELINES and check in here regularly to keep up to date.