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This is the third Midnight Street anthology to include innovative writing from some of the best writers around. The stories and poems here delve into the dark recesses of the mind, investigate the horrors there and promise unforgettable characters and shocking revelations. From supernatural manifestations to psychological trauma and dark fantasies, the contents of this book are not for the faint-hearted and reward the seeker of the horrific and unexplained, that crawl between the cracks of the reality we know and the depthless void beyond.

In the tradition of Midnight Street magazine and Roadworks before it, this anthology and its predecessors light the way into worlds of darkness, where ghosts haunt highways and everything you thought you knew is subverted and your perceptions are altered beyond recognition.

Let the Night Light guide you along the Midnight Street...

"These stories scare, confuse, confound. We walk along the street at midnight when all else is silent and dreaming. Dripping in moonlight after showers. That street holds the coolness of rain, the bitter cold of frost, the quiet of graves. That street awaits us all. When we pass from this heated, maddening world we pass along the midnight street and sink beneath its stones into whatever lies beyond, or into nothing at all."

The full line-up:

Stephen Laws

Ralph Robert Moore

Tony Richards

Rhys Hughes

Simon Clark

Andrew Hook

Susan York

Maria V A Johnson

Robert D Richards

Alexander Zelenyj

Gary Couzens

Ian Steadman

Michael Washburn

Terry Grimwood

Allen Ashley

Yvonne Chamberlain

David Turnbull

Andrew Darlington

Stephen Faulkner

Mat Joiner

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"The Midnight Street Press, energetically curated by Trevor Denyer through various but always valuable incarnations, is the premier Indie publisher taking darkness through new spectrums of colour."